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The Rumskulla oak is an oak tree (Quercus robur) near Norra Kvill National Park in Rumskulla, Sweden. Also known as Kvilleken, it is the oldest oak in Sweden and one of the largest trees in Scandinavia, It’s age has been guessed to be around a thousand years, but like all old oak trees, the tree has a hollow trunk, so it is impossible to determine its age by simply counting tree rings.

Approaching with gentle steps we arrived early in the morning with nobody around (exept for cows) the first thing you notice is that the majestic trees health has been deteriorating in the last years, and it has only a single branch of green leaves left.
It stood with dignity while we documented, understanding that we would use the material with pure intentions. While it feels that the tree is reaching the end of its days here on earth, it didnt seem like it was sorry to leave.

This is a recording of the tree using the Prometheus 1 synthesiser. Recording date 12.8.2018.

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