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Methuselah is a 4,850-year old Great Basin bristlecone pine growing in the White Mountains of eastern California. It is, at the moment, the world's oldest living non-clonal organism.

Methuselah grows 10,000 ft above sea level in the arid mountain soil, a far from optimal climate for an organism to reach such an old age.

The location is kept secret by the forest service to prevent vandalism, but somehow we found our way and reached the tree early in the morning, the freezing cold wind was blowing our faces off, but we didn’t mind, it felt like being in the precence of an old friend.

(In 2012, there was a possible discovery of an even older tree in the same area, the whereabouts of this still unnamed tree is highly guarded.)

This is a recording of the tree using the Prometheus 2 synthesiser. Recording date 25.10.2018.

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